What many people don’t know is that children’s bones are not fully developed until the age of 25. Their bones are still growing and are soft and can thus be distorted by wearing incorrect shoes. Green Cross has collaborated with orthopaedic experts for over 36 years to develop the perfect anatomical shoes that help support and conform to the shape of the foot. It also allows the freedom for bones and joints to develop naturally. The shoes are designed to be comfortable, flexible and long lasting.

The Green Cross children’s range not only consists of casual shoes, but a wide range of school shoes. Your child spends 8 hours a day wearing a pair of school shoes.  Green Cross school shoes allow your Child’s feet to develop perfectly as it provides an orthopedically moulded footbed that provides essential support. A child’s foot size should be checked every three or four months – once a child is three years of age, his feet grows less rapidly and requires shoe fit-checks every four to six months. Mothers should also not pass on shoes on to other children, as each child has unique feet. View our range of Kids shoes: girlsboysinfants and school shoes

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